Do you agree that the planet Venus is warm because it has a lot of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere? And when I say ‘warm,’ I mean ‘hot enough to melt lead on the surface.’


Just realised that the British currency does this.  Mind. Blown.

T-rexboots just laughed about this for like literally 10 minutes.

Canada is having a cold snap at the moment. This week, in Southern Manitoba, the temperature reached a blisteringly frigid -31 degrees Celsius, or nearly -24 Fahrenheit. (Wind chill values in Winnipeg—in case you were curious and/or in need of some meteorological schadenfreude—dipped to -58 Fahrenheit.) Which is crazy, and which makes for, as Yahoo’s Geekquinox blog puts it, “the coldest afternoon temperatures the area has seen in several years.”
The cold spell also puts Canada into some rarified company. Because you know what other place has recently registered a temperature of -31 degrees Celsius? Mars.